2023 Punt Pass and Kick

2023 CLHYF Punt Pass and kick

Competition Starts Week of 8/14

Canyon Lake Youth Football and Cheer is proud to present the 2023 C.L.H.Y.F. Punt Pass and Kick sponsored by TheLakeisRising.com.

Players from each Division – Freshman, Jr. Varsity, and Varsity will participate in a pass punt and kick skills competition the week of 8/14 – 8/18. The top two finalist will compete in a Championship Playoff at the 2023 C.L.H.Y.F. Opening Ceremonies on August 18th.


Below you will find the downloadable results for all three age groups. We will be updating the Varsity results as we do makeups this week. Freshman Playoffs will be finished Monday 8 – 21 if all present. Junior Varsity will finish up on 8 -22, and finally Varsity on 8 – 24


One of the match ups has been finished, we will try to finish the other 2 playoffs Thursday

Punt – Blake D./JV Green vs Robert W. JV Gold-

WINNER – Blake D.

Pass -MacArthur S. / JV Green vs Jaxson B./ JV Gold

Kick – John S./ JV Gold vs Jaxson B./JV Gold

Below you will find all the options for submitting your pledge

Pledge Using Venmo

On the results page you will see the column labeled total yardage for estimating the total pledge amount based on the per yard pledges.

No Venmo? – Pledge through our Website. Scroll on phone or look to right on PC for website pledges.

Then add fixed pledges for the total amount. Pledge money can be sent to the league through the Venmo link below

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Please make sure to reference PP&K and the Child’s name

Updated 8/28 11:00 am

You can drop a check off at the merch tent at practice on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday this week.




You can make payment for your pledge by using the form below.

Please make sure to reference PP&K and the Child’s name during checkout in the comment section provided.

Per Yard Pledge Amount

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Helpful Links

Competition & Fundraiser

While we expect a lot of fun competition to be had with the 2023 Punt, Pass, and Kick competition, we will also be using the event to raise much needed funds for Canyon Lake Youth Football & Cheer. Participants will be asked to collect pledges from family and friends to support our effort.

Fundraising Event for Canyon Lake Youth Football and Cheer

Pledge Options

Per Yard

Individuals can choose to pledge per yard, total would be based on the overall yardage of participant for all three events.

  • Suggested Pledge: $0.25 to $1.00 or more per yard.
  • Does not include Playoffs.

Fixed Amount

Individuals can choose to pledge a fixed amount that is not associated with overall yardage.

  • Suggested Pledge: $10 and up.
  • Not associated with Playoffs.

Winning Age Group

The age group that collects the most pledges before the Opening Ceremonies on August 25th, will win the a trip to the Canyon Lake Hawks locker room at an upcoming game in the 2023 Season. Winner will be determined based on the amount collected by turn in on 8/18 at the C.L.H.Y.F. 2023 Opening Ceremonies.

The money raised with this effort helps cover our major expenses to keep this program going. Such expenses include equipment purchases and reconditioning, league fees, officials, insurance and field maintenance to name a few. Your pledge dollars benefit the children and the program.


First Place Winner in Each Skill Category

  • 12″ Championship Trophy
  • Championship T-Shirt Personalized with the winners name
  • Recognition on the C.L.HY.F. Punt Pass and Kick Champions Banner and Social Media
  • Finalist – The Runner Up will receive a PP&K Medal recognizing them as a finalist.

C.L.H.Y.F. 2023 PP&K Contest Rules

2023 C.L.H.Y.F.L. Punt, Pass, and Kick logo

All participants are encouraged to follow the rules of sportsmanship and fair play, as well as adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Each participant will be allowed three punts, three passes, and three placekicks as part of his competition. In each category, the three attempts will be added up to establish a score for each skill category.
  2. Kick/punts will be scored on distance and must be kept within the marked boundaries established for the competition. Attempts that land outside of established boundaries will not be counted. If an attempt bounces out of bounds after initially hitting in-bounds, the attempt will still be scored.
  3. If the participant goes over the line prior to or before releasing/making contact with the ball, they will be penalized 5 feet. The only exception is kicking, where a participant may go over the line if the tee is place on or behind the line.
  4. There is no violation for kicking the tee during the kicking event.
  5. Scores are determined from the spot that the ball first makes contact with the ground, in all three events. Bounces and rolls do not add to the score.
  6. If the participant misses the ball completely on the punt or kick, then this does not count as an attempt.
  7. The top two finalist from each division will compete in a playoff at C.L.H.Y.F. Opening Ceremonies on August 25th.
  8. A prize will be awarded for each category of competition – Punt, Pass, & Kick, rather than the traditional approach of cumulative scoring determining the winner.    

Punt, Pass, and Kick Playoff Format

The contest format for the PP&K Playoff will be slightly different as noted below-

  • The two finalist will will use a coin flip to determine who goes first, the finalist with the highest qualifying score will get the call for the coin flip. The winner of the coin flip can choose to set the mark or defer to the other finalist.
  • Once it has been determined which finalist will go first, they will use one of their 3 attempts to set the mark to beat.
  • The second finalist will have three attempts to beat the mark set by the first finalist.
  • If any of the attempts by the second finalist beat the mark set, the first finalist will have two attempts to re-establish the mark to beat.
  • All finalist will have a total of 3 attempts. If a finalist uses all three attempts and has not beaten the established mark, the contest is over and the other finalist will be named champion.